Co-founder + CEO, Ecree

Jamey Heit

Pivotal Accessibility was a lifesaver when it came time to address our compliance needs. Their work is fast and thorough. They saved us a tremendous amount of time and stress.

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VP / Creative Director, DigiTech

Jake Wooldridge

We contacted Ajay with Pivotal Accessibility to implement ADA requirements on a website we had just finished building. Ajay was very communicative and easy to work with. He delivered everything on time with the estimations that were provided early on in the project and satisfied all of the points he found in the thorough audit he completed. Since that project, we have hired him a second time and had the same great experience. We look to continue working with Pivotal Accessibility for our ADA needs!

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Senior Tech Services Manager, 3 Media Web

Mike St. Jean

We have been working with [Ajay/Pivotal] for several years now and it has been a fantastic relationship. Pivotal Accessibility has proven its expertise in web accessibility time and time again.

We’re impressed with their ability to stay on top of changes in compliance requirements and we value their partnership in our goal to make the internet a more inclusive space

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Human eSources

Trevor Cameron

Pivotal Accessibility has provided Human eSources with exemplary service in both ADA testing and ongoing QA of our online applications. He is concise, and thorough and goes the extra mile to make sure all details are provided in a useful manner.

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