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Mohammad Shadab Saifi

Accessibility Compliance Manager

Shadab brings with him an abundance of experience and expertise in the domain of accessibility. His passion for coding and inclusive designs, along with a profound understanding of global accessibility standards, makes him an expert capable of providing 360-degree accessibility consultation.

Along with front-end development using PHP, AngularJS, and backend development using PHP, and NodeJS, he also possesses a decent understanding of HTML5, CSS3, OOPS, MySQL, and MVC. Besides being an avid macro photographer, Shadab enjoys gardening, which gives him a sense of serenity.

One might also find him indulged in reading articles on time travel and celestial space for hours. A reformist at work, he loves to stargaze and trace constellations on a clear night.

His commitment to work and zeal to outperform every single time makes him an indispensable asset to the organization.