Implementation of Accessibility contributes to penetrating a wider (inclusive) audience while building a brand name and future-proofing against accessibility lawsuits besides improved SEO, while upgrading with technological advancements. 

A disabled user generally comes across many hurdles for accessing the simplest of information, let alone making bookings or urgent payments. 

Besides all the nitty-gritty of web engagement and know-how of making the web experience accessible, there is an emerging business need to sustain, grow, and evade exhausting lawsuits, by concluding a transaction with an accessibility partner.

Morally, ethically, and financially- embracing the WCAG, ADA, and Section 508 in the business organizational structure is an intelligent choice.

Business Advantage

A good business is built when it understands and stands up to the expectations of its clients. 

The pressing need for the market to outperform has exposed the shortcomings of business anatomy. Being a standard feature all over which is constantly progressing toward uninterrupted access to the internet, and accommodating everyone, accessibility is no longer an unfamiliar term. Accessibility is merely a sub-set of usability, thus the correlation.

Individuals with disabilities are more likely to purchase online than any other means; hence making sure the digital product is accessible is essential to stay competitive with this group.

According to an article published by Forbes, 71% of website visitors with disabilities will discard a website that is inaccessible, leading to an estimated revenue loss of $14.4 billion annually for the UK alone.

The Americans with Disabilities Act entitles every disabled individual with an equal right to access e-content independently while setting customary guidelines for all organizations.

Broad Reach

In the initial days, the accessible solutions offered assistance in understanding the web content to the disabled, which has outgrown presently to provide better usability among all the sections today. The use of captions, subtitles, screen readers, text-to-speech systems, touch screens, magnifiers, and on-screen keyboards has been a breakthrough for most of us. At some point in our lives, we all experience situational disability, and then we realize accessibility has been indispensable all along.

Inclusive designs offer a superior experience to everyone while meeting their specific needs, irrespective of their disability and background. 

Brand name

Beyond creating a compassionate environment, an accessible system attracts more customer base as their needs are prioritized and the content is reachable. 

It helps the brand not only build but retain its name in the market by gaining patronage. People who have had conclusive experience are likely to spread the good word around and give recommendations to friends and family.

By missing out on the one billion disabled population, the company might lose a large potential clientele and incur an irreparable financial loss.

Shun Legal Hassle

When your website/app is inaccessible, not only do you lose customers and business, but you also don’t comply with the rules of digital accessibility and that could put your organization in a fix. Domino’s accessibility lawsuit in the US is an eye-opener to the extent of damage legal litigation can cause.

Your Accessibility Collaborator

If we follow accessibility statistics, it will help us realize the gravity of implementing accessibility on our website and how we lose a generous amount of business by overlooking our potential customers. Although accessibility guidelines exist, only a few corporations understand that non-compliance to those laws denotes discrimination against people with disabilities.

For enterprises, having an accessibility partner for the product is becoming more important considering the growing penetration of the high-speed internet around the globe in recent years, directing more users from all the groups. 

An accessibility partner is an adjacent companion to a digital product that analyses and remediates with respect to accessibility parameters during the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Our accessibility experts are engaged with your next digital asset from the development to the deployment stage. The technique of a highly effective Shift-Left approach during the SDLC guarantees the elimination of accessibility errors right from the beginning of the development cycle. This also liberates our business partners from the hassle of keeping the website in check for accessibility-related bugs and incorporating changes as the website undergoes remodeling, providing a systematic and ideal structure to the digital asset.

Be it existing content or in development, we perform illustrative periodic analysis which helps us remediate accessibility issues at regular intervals keeping the website peachy keen without noticeable delays and providing a superior user experience regardless.

The added benefits include exceptional quality code that generates less bugs, an orderly page structure, interactive user interface, fast loading times, and improved SEO ranking.

For digital content already in existence, our parametric audits lead us in providing benchmark accessibility solutions avoiding Accessibility lawsuits while simultaneously rendering our concrete consultation in times of a legal emergency.  

If overlooked earlier, now might be the right time to look into accessibility-related issues of your digital properties and consult a reliable partner to handle the accessibility front.