Our Team

Welcome to the beating heart of our organization—the dedicated individuals who form the backbone of our NGO. Our team is a diverse tapestry woven together by a shared passion for creating positive change. From our leaders to our volunteers, each member brings unique skills, perspectives, and unwavering dedication to our mission.
Ajay Sohal Thumbnail

Ajay Sohal

CEO & Founder

Mohammad Shadab Saifi Thumbnail

Mohammad Shadab Saifi

Accessibility Compliance Manager

Yogesh Arora Thumbnail

Yogesh Arora

Sr. Lead - Accessibility Testing

Dimpal Sharma Thumbnail

Dimpal Sharma

Lead - Accessibility Testing

Mohd Irfan Thumbnail

Mohd Irfan

Lead Accessibility Developer

Deepika Tripathi Thumbnail

Deepika Tripathi

Associate Analyst

Mohammad Umar Thumbnail

Mohammad Umar

Accessibility Testing Engineer

Mohd Tabish Thumbnail

Mohd Tabish

Accessibility Testing Engineer

Sarvesh Kushwaha Thumbnail

Sarvesh Kushwaha

Accessibility Testing Engineer

Mahak Choudhary Thumbnail

Mahak Choudhary

Accessibility Testing Engineer

Kartik Bisht Thumbnail

Kartik Bisht

Lead - Accessibility Testing

Khizar Hasan Thumbnail

Khizar Hasan

Sr. Web Developer

Saef Iqbal Ansari Thumbnail

Saef Iqbal Ansari

Content Strategist

Sanyam Bhardwaj Thumbnail

Sanyam Bhardwaj

Software Engineer

Shahjahan Ali Thumbnail

Shahjahan Ali

Software Engineer

Shivani Sharma Thumbnail

Shivani Sharma

Software Engineer